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The Accreditation and Certification Institute is soliciting applications for volunteer examination proctors across the United States.

Building a robust proctor network will enable ACI to offer testing events more frequently and in more locations throughout the country. If you would like to give back to the fence, deck, gate, active vehicular access barrier, access control, deck and rail industries, please consider applying.

Current certification exams offered include the Certified Fence Contractor, Certified Gate Automation Technician, and Certified Gate Automation Designer. Other certification programs are currently in development and will be added to ACI's catalog as warranted.

Testing events may be scheduled at industry events, association meetings and tradeshows, or at private company facilities.


All proctors and examiners for ACI personnel certification must: 


Responsibilities of all proctors are to:


ACI will maintain a current list of proctors and examiners. When test site requests are received, proctors and examiners will be matched based on geographic proximity to the test site and reviewed for potential conflicts of interest. Proctors who match will be contacted by ACI staff no later than four weeks prior to a testing event and may accept or decline to proctor the event.

Proctors and examiners serve on a volunteer basis with no compensation. ACI will reimburse proctors and examiners for their mileage (at the current IRS reimbursement rate) to and from a testing event. Other expenses, including but not limited to meals, lodging, and airfare if necessary, will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis. All anticipated expenses, including total mileage, shall be approved by the Certification Director prior to the testing event.

Conflict of Interest

A proctor may not administer written examinations if there is the appearance of a conflict of interest. This would include, but is not limited to, testing events in which a co-worker, employee or business partner is a participant; a testing event in which one or more candidates are customers of the proctor; testing of a family member or other instances in which perceptions of impartiality may be questioned. In such circumstances, the proctor is to notify the Certification Director immediately upon discovery of the conflict.

Time Commitment

As a volunteer proctor, you may accept or decline any testing event you are matched with and may proctor as many or as few testing events as works with your schedule. Typical testing events will run about six hours total - four hours for the testing block, one hour for setup and candidate check in, and one hour for collection, cleanup and shipping of materials.

NOTE: ACI is continuing to monitor COVID-19 information coming from national, state and local authorities. Testing events will be scheduled beginning in fall 2020. Additional guidelines for testing events have been created to meet necessary safety precautions. Please contact for the full list.

If you have any questions about the ACI proctor process, please contact Sara Surprenant, Senior Association Manager ( or 734-635-8184).

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