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Test Sites

Written examinations, hands-on demonstration testing, and other testing events may be scheduled in partnership with ACI member organization events or those of their chapters. Other testing events may be scheduled to accommodate candidates for certification.

Companies and organizations may request special testing events using the form below. These requests are subject to the approval of ACI staff.

Test Site Requirements

A written request to host an exam must be submitted to ACI at least six weeks prior to the desired test date. Testing events are subject to the availability of qualified personnel to administer the requested testing activities, and the number of candidates anticipated by the host to participate in the testing event.

For test sites that provide a written request at least six weeks prior to the desired test date, with a guarantee of at least five candidates, there will be no administrative fee. Requests received with fewer than six weeks' notice and/or fewer than five candidates will be subject to an administrative fee set by the ACI Board of Directors.

A Test Site Coordinator will be identified as part of the request and will be ACI's primary contact from the hosting organization. The Test Site Coordinator is responsible for: 

All testing events must be approved and sanctioned by ACI. Written examinations may be proctored only by proctors (administrators or invigilators) authorized by the Certification Board. Hands-on Testing may be conducted only by examiners authorized by the Certification Board.

Examination Event, Site Specifications and Accessibility Policy

Meeting Room Requirements

Testing events are conducted in proper meeting room environments, where relative quiet can be expected. Testing candidates are not permitted to interact with others once they have begun an examination, so a closed room environment is best.

The size of the room is dependent on the anticipated number of participants.

The setup of the room will be:

General Rules (relating to Test Sites)

Certification testing is a serious activity. Individuals not properly enrolled for a certification program and who are not eligible for testing are not permitted in the testing room. We request that groups not gather outside the meeting room, due to noise that can be distracting to test takers.

Photo identification is required for testing participants. Others may not vouch for the identity of a testing candidate.

Fees may not be charged by the host organization for individuals who are present for the exclusive purpose of taking a certification exam. The prohibition of fees applies only to the testing portion of the event. Fees for any other events being conducted by the host organization at the same venue would not be affected by the testing activity.

Testing must be offered in blocks of four hours (i.e.,8:00am - Noon, 1:00pm - 5:00pm, or all day). This is required due to the time allowances for the exams.

NOTE: ACI is continuing to monitor COVID-19 information and adheres to guidelines and standards set by federal, state, and local agencies and venues. Guidelines for testing events have been created to meet necessary safety precautions, which include:

If required by federal, state, and/or local agencies, all candidates and proctors shall wear face coverings at all times while inside the testing location unless they are medically unable to do so. Candidates will be required to remove face coverings at check-in to verify identity.

Candidates who are ill, presenting with fever, cough or respiratory symptoms, including flu-like symptoms, will not be permitted to test, and should contact ACI staff to reschedule.

Please direct any questions regarding the test site request process or requirements to Sara Surprenant ( or 734-635-8184).

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